Benefits of Tantra Massage

17 Feb

Tantra, or tantra massage, are both defined as erotic massages developed in Berlin in 1977 by Gunild Keetman. The original meaning of Tantra is worship of sexuality, so it is not surprising that this art form has taken on a new interpretation, as one that incorporates spiritual beliefs. Erotic massages that includes elements from the natural, oriental, western and so forth erotic massages the major erogenous zones of the human body, these being the penis, the scrotum, the breast and the vulva. Tantra Massage differs from a normal massage in several ways. First it is specifically designed to enhance sexual energy and to foster better sex life, and second it uses sexual energy as a means of manipulating the sexual energy of the body.

Tantra Massage uses energy from within the human body and applies this energy through a combination of hand movements, stretches, rubbing, kneading and kissing techniques to the entire body. The primary goal of Tantra massage is to awaken the sexual energies and to stimulate the sexual tension of the body. To attain complete sexual awakenement, one has to undergo intense and powerful erotic energies that must be discharged. This process of releasing erotic energies through Tantra massage has become known as ""samsara"". Check out more about the Massage Maspalomas here.

There are two forms of Tantra massage - a ""dry"" form, in which the masseur uses a smooth, warm towel, similar to the towels used in Swedish massage; and a ""soy"" massage where a lubricant like KY Jelly is applied on the skin during Tantra massage. In addition to using warm towels, certain Tantric massage apply sweet oils like rose, jasmine or myrrh to the skin during Tantra Massage to heighten sensations and to intensify the sensual aspect of the massage. The soy technique also prevents the spread of contagious diseases by preventing the oedema, itching or rash that usually occurs after a Tantric massage. A ""dry"" tantric massage often requires the use of oil to provide comfort to the skin and to add fragrance to the atmosphere.

A number of well-known and experienced massage therapists offer Tantra massages in Los Angeles. These therapists are trained in the finer points of this ancient art and science of healing. These skilled therapists can apply various essential oils and creams to help heighten the sensual essence of a tantric massage.

It is very important that a tantric or erotic massage is done only by well-trained, experienced and qualified practitioners, as there is a strong risk of introducing sexually transmitted diseases into the equation. For this reason it is strongly recommended that a check be carried out on the therapist prior to the start of a session to determine whether they are up to the task of ensuring that all sexual energies are completely harnessed for the benefit of everyone present during the Tantra massage. Candidates for this type of therapeutic massage should have a high level of expertise and experience in Tantra massage.

It is best to choose an experienced tantra master who is a certified tantra instructor, or one with many years of experience. Experience in this field means that they will have had many years to hone their skills, and will thus be able to control the different aspects of tantric massage massages to deliver its true essence. Their skill will also enable them to increase the arousal of a woman and create sexual magic to heighten the overall experience. Finally, it is essential to make sure that the tantra master or teacher, whatever his qualifications, has a clean, sterile work area where the tantra massage massages can be safely performed. Get more details about the Tantra Massage Maspalomas service.

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